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How old is the Mule?

12 September 2010

According to one automated blog analyser, I am rather older than I thought I was: stubbornmule.net is probably written by a male somewhere between 66-100 years old. The writing style is academic and upset most of the time The gender is correct and academic writing style I can accept, but I am not so sure […]

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A spam attempt gem

14 May 2010

I have been getting a few very enjoyable spam attempts on the blog of late. While the filter captures the usual Russian porn dross, from time to time comments slip through the filter and it falls to me to moderate them. This little gem appeared on a two year old post about wandering the streets […]

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Mule Stable update

9 April 2010

I have been working on some tweaks to the Mule Stable discussion forum for a few weeks and yesterday the new site went live. As well as upgrading to the lastest version of the StatusNet software, I moved the Stable to its very own domain name: mulestable.net. The old name stable.stubbornmule.net was a bit too […]

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Symbol Soup – using tags in the Mule Stable

14 March 2010

The first time you visit the Mule Stable it can look a bit like a symbol soup, full of # symbols, @ symbols and exclamation marks. But these symbols are in fact a short-hand that can turn posting simple text messages into something a lot more powerful. In this demo video, I run through all the different types of tag symbols you can use on the Mule Stable.

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Mule Stable demo video

25 February 2010

A demonstration video showing how to get started on the Mule Stable discussion forum. Anyone familiar with Twitter will feel at home straight-away, for everyone else, this video should ease your way into posting in the Stable.

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The stable door is open

21 February 2010

The Mule Stable is a place to share links, ideas, suggestions and anything else that interests you, all closely or loosely linked to the Stubborn Mule blog. Anyone who uses twitter will see a very familiar format: you can post brief notices, follow what other users are saying and engage in conversation.

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Posterous: the next big thing?

17 September 2009

A few months ago, a new site arrived on the increasingly crowded web 2.0 scene. Posterous offers a medium that fits somewhere between a blog and a microblog (the canonical example of the microblog being, of course, the juggernaut that is Twitter). Maybe it should be called a “miniblog”. Posterous is not the only site […]

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My Mechanical Turk

30 December 2008

This week’s storm in the blogosphere focused on the question of “authority” on twitter and other social networks. It all began when welebrity Loïc Le Meur suggested that twitter searches should be filtered by a measure of authority. This immediately elicited critical responses from other high profile members of the online world, such as Robert […]

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RIAA Continues to Stifle Innovation

18 December 2008

Back in August, muxtape, a popular music playlist site, was forced to close by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Now mixwit have announced that it is closing too. The only explanation offered was as follows: We’ve put a year of work into Mixwit so this choice wasn’t taken lightly. I won’t go into the […]

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Pownce and Sandy: RIP

2 December 2008

As is probably evident from past posts about twitter or identica, I am something of a Web 2.0 junkie. Over the last few years I have signed up for countless services and I am sure I have forgotten about far more of them than I actually use. And therein lies a problem. The rate of […]

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