Gibbons and welfare

5 June 2011

Regular contributor James Glover, aka Zebra, returns in a post that manages to combine gibbons, tax and a beer coaster. A question I often ask myself is how could gibbons possibly develop a civilisation comparable to our own? Gibbons are solitary creatures so do not form troops, groups or tribes. Developing and passing on knowledge […]

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Is this the stupidest provision of the U.S. Tax Code?

1 October 2010

Two guest posts in one week! On this occasion, the Mule is yielding the soapbox to an anonymous and unqualified cynic who wants to talk about tax (his own words). In particular, he looks at tax and property markets in Australia and the US.

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RSPT RIP – Long Live the MRRT

2 July 2010

In the third in a series of guest posts on the subject of Australian mining tax, Zebra (James Glover) considers the changes to the proposed tax the new prime minister, Julia Gillard, has negotiated with miners.

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The Australian Resources Tax

14 May 2010

Have investors in the resources sector really suffered that much since the announcement of the “super profits” tax? Looking at the movements in share prices suggests not.

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