Image searches

12 July 2012

This week’s edition of Media Watch, “Pixelating protects identity? Think again“, examines the threat image search engines pose to anonymity. Drop a disguised photo into Google images and the chances are you will find the original in the search results. Intrigued, I thought I would try it out. The pixellated the photo of Tom Waits […]

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Sculptures by the Sea

13 November 2011

It has been quite a long time since art was the subject of a post here on the Mule, but today we took the kids to see Sculptures by the Sea. Held each year, this exhibition consists of a series of large sculptures arranged along the coast from Bondi beach to beach. As usual, parking […]

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2042: Art on the Street

27 September 2008

It’s time for a break from watching the financial markets implode. Instead, this post will focus on the arts, Newtown-style. Every year, the shops of Newtown become an extended gallery exhibiting the works of young Australian artists. Or at least, that’s how I describe it. According to the City of Sydney website, the aim of […]

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