Musical Education

9 November 2014

On our longer family drives I take an old iPod crammed with even older music. Usually I take requests, and almost inevitably the children choose They Might Be Giants, and preferably the tracks Fingertips and Particle Man. But, our last trip was different. Instead I took the opportunity to the children some exposure to artists formative in the history […]

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Do Daleks use toilet paper?

18 April 2014

I have been watching some (very) old Doctor Who episodes, including the first ever serial featuring the archetypal villains, the Daleks. In this story, the Daleks share a planet with their long-time enemies, the Thal. After a war culminating in the denotation of a neutron bomb, both races experience very different mutations. The Daleks have […]

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Where Have All The Genres Gone?

1 February 2014

The Mule has returned safely from the beaches of the South coast of New South Wales. Neither sharks nor vending machines were to be seen down there. We did, however, have a guest drop in. none other than regular blog contributor, James Glover. The seaside conversation turned to music and James has distilled his thoughts […]

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Online music renaissance in Australia

10 July 2012

A year or so ago, I complained about the dearth of music streaming services available. A couple of months ago, Spotify launched their service in Australia. Now, five long years after they started blocking Australian users from their service, Pandora has finally re-emerged in Australia. In his email to Australians who signed up for the […]

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Spotify in Australia

22 May 2012

A very short post today! Finally one of the major music streaming services is available in Australia (I have complained about the limited options for music streaming down under here before). Spotify has now launched in Australia. I have signed up to investigate the service, so it is a bit early to give an opinion […]

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Pressure Drop

27 March 2012

On Saturday night I found myself in Melbourne at the first live performance in 30 years of the reggae band Pressure Drop. The last time Pressure Drop played I probably couldn’t have told you what reggae was. Although I would certainly have heard Eddy Grant’s Electric Avenue on the radio, I was a New Romantic […]

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More on the Hottest 100

27 January 2012

Following on from the last post on the Hottest 100, I received a few tweets from @mjdart demanding a deeper dive into the data. One of his questions was Of artists charting in at least 5 yrs, are Oz artists higher represented? I decided to broaden the questions to look at artists with at least […]

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Hottest 100 for 2011

26 January 2012

Another year, another Australia Day. Another Australia Day, another Triple J Hottest 100. And that, of course, means an excellent excuse to  set R to work on the chart data. For those outside Australia, the Hottest 100 is a chart of the most popular songs of the previous year, as voted by the listeners of […]

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Online music going backwards in Australia

15 May 2011

We have never been spoiled for choice when it comes to internet music providers in Australia, and things seem to be getting worse not better. Five or six years ago, I first came across the intriguing internet radio service Pandora which drew upon the painstakingly assembled Music Genome Project to generate customised radio stations. Entering […]

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Rolling Stone vs Triple J

2 June 2010

How does the Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of all time compare to Triple J’s Hottest 100 songs of all time?

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