Feedburner on the fritz

by Stubborn Mule on 30 June 2013 · 0 comments

Those of you who have subscribed to email updates from the Stubborn Mule will have noticed some strange behaviour lately, as old blog posts have appeared in your inboxes. Why this is happening remains a mystery to me. The email subscriptions are powered by Google’s Feedburner service and, with the recent announcement that Google is shutting down Google Reader, I am starting to wonder whether Google is deliberately sabotaging Feedburner as a precursor to shutting it down too.

The sabotage theory is a bit too extreme, but certainly others are speculating that Feedburner’s days may be numbered. In any event, the time has come for me to look for an alternative in an attempt to stop the random emails.

I have looked at Feedblitz and have been bombarded with marketing materials as a result, so that one is not for me. Mailchimp is a possibility.

While I am weighing my options, I would welcome suggestions from other bloggers who have successfully made the move from Feedburner.

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