May 2011

Action and reaction on climate change

22 May 2011

Regular guest contributer James Glover (@zebra) takes a closer look at the Coalitions climate change policy. Malcolm Turnbull, an Australian MP, did a rare and risky thing last week. He actually broke away from the political spin-cycle and explained some figures underlying the cost of the Coalition’s “Real Action on Climate Change” policy. Naturally he […]

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Online music going backwards in Australia

15 May 2011

We have never been spoiled for choice when it comes to internet music providers in Australia, and things seem to be getting worse not better. Five or six years ago, I first came across the intriguing internet radio service Pandora which drew upon the painstakingly assembled Music Genome Project to generate customised radio stations. Entering […]

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Return of the Drachma?

8 May 2011

It has been reported that Greece is considering leaving the euro and re-establishing its own currency*. More than a year ago, I argued that being part of the euro seriously exacerbated Greece’s economic woes, and for the reasons given there, I do think that re-establishing sovereignty over its currency is in Greece’s interests in the […]

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