May 2010

No move expected by the Reserve Bank

31 May 2010

Over recent months there have been a few informal polls on the Mule Stable on whether or not the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) would be moving interest rates. There will be another monthly policy decision tomorrow and this time I decided to make poll a bit more structured, courtesy of the PollDaddy website. If […]

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Vale Martin Gardner

28 May 2010

I was saddened to hear today that Martin Gardner has passed away at the age of 95. Born in 1914, Gardner was a prolific and gifted writer. He is best known for his mathematical and scientific writing, but he also dabbled in magic and philosophy. His The Annoted Alice is perhaps the ultimate edition of […]

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Following one link too few…a mea culpa

28 May 2010

My last post, Are Australia’s banks about to collapse?, took Steve Keen to task for a presentation on the dire outlook for Australia’s property market and its banks. However, a commenter has pointed out that it was not Steve’s presentation! Moreover, the final slide of the presentation, which is in very poor taste, appears to […]

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Are Australia’s banks about to collapse?

28 May 2010

Steve Keen is predicting the worst for Australia’s property market. Some argue that this spells disaster for Australian banks. Are they really in trouble?

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Resource Super Profit Tax Everything Correctly Explained (R.S.P.T.E.C.E.)

25 May 2010

This guest post from Mule Stable regular Zebra (James Glover) delves into the details of the proposed Resources Super Profits Tax.

Among other things, James concludes that the RSPT will benefit small and marginal mining projects.

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Graphing using R

17 May 2010
R Logo

Long-time readers of the Stubborn Mule will know that charts are a regular feature here. Almost all of these charts were produced using the R statistical software package which, in my view, produces far superior results to the most commonly used graphing tool: Excel. As a community service to help rid the world of horrible […]

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The Australian Resources Tax

14 May 2010

Have investors in the resources sector really suffered that much since the announcement of the “super profits” tax? Looking at the movements in share prices suggests not.

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A spam attempt gem

14 May 2010

I have been getting a few very enjoyable spam attempts on the blog of late. While the filter captures the usual Russian porn dross, from time to time comments slip through the filter and it falls to me to moderate them. This little gem appeared on a two year old post about wandering the streets […]

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More on “Five Down”

8 May 2010

Yesterday’s puzzle “Five Down” stimulated a fair amount of discussion both in the post’s comments section and via email. I also exchanged emails on the topic with the author of Futility Closet (which is where I came across the puzzle) and he told me that the puzzle generated a lot of correspondence for him too. […]

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Five Down

7 May 2010

One of my favourite blogs is Futility Closet, which is sadly appropriate given its tagline “An idler’s miscellany”. This week it featured a puzzle called Five Down devised by the English mathematician Henry Dudeney. Since the subject of the puzzle is money, it seems like an appropriate one to share here on the Mule.

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