May 2009

Oil Prices on the Rise?

25 May 2009

Prompted by an article entitled “Bust and Boom” in the current issue of The Economist, I have decided it is time to dust off a Stubborn Mule staple: the petrol price model. As The Economist notes, following last year’s precipitous fall, oil prices have been climing again over the last few months. The West Texas […]

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Pinching Debt Data

22 May 2009

Regular readers of the Mule will know that I am a bit of a data-mining junkie. Whenever I come across an interesting chart I start Googling for the underlying data. But, even with well-honed Google skills, it’s not always possible to find the data. Sometimes it is simply not publically available. I ran into just […]

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18 May 2009

Last year I wrote about the the music/social network combination That post was followed up with one on the demise of muxtape and mixwit in which I said “I hope that does not become the next victim of the RIAA”. While has survived to date, it may only last by significantly changing […]

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Shoots Are Greener in Australia?

7 May 2009

The phrase de jour (or du mois in fact) in financial markets is “green shoots”. Optimists, world equity markets included, are seeing tentative signs of improvement in the world economy. Google trends saw a blip in searches for the phrase green shoots back in January when UK Government minister Baroness Vadera used the phrase and […]

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